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Web Application - ERP

Enterprise resource planning is a process by which a company manages and integrates the important parts of its business.

JAVA Training Center

Java training center website many java courses are available like for core java and advanced java, User can apply for any of the java course available and then admin will contact the user .

SAP Training Solutions

Cranesoft is website, its a sap course website where many sap courses are available the user can go through all the courses and then submit a form if he is interested in any of the course.

Scrap Deal, which a user can sell any kind of scrap item to the seller such as ferrous and non ferrous, cable scrap, aluminum scrap, electric scrap, plastic and wooden scrap, copper scrap, machinery scrap, computer and IT scrap.

N-Spiders Website

N-spiders is a training and development center where all networking courses are available, like ccna/ccnp and MCSE training etc. User can apply for any of the networking course available and then admin will contact the user regarding the course.

Muslim Marriage Center.

This is a Marriage portal where user is added from backend and he will be provided a access code to login into application from which he/she will be able to accept/reject the request recieved by him.